What you get with Galt & Company

When you work with Galt & Company, you receive more than just expert advice and consultation. You get results! The highly experienced professionals at Galt and Company hold themselves accountable for the growth and success of their clients and always aim to deliver superior shareholder returns to them.

By offering an approach that is second-to-none, Galt & Company is able to take Fortune 500 and other major corporations to the next level. The method of Galt and Company’s approach is two-fold. Galt & Company looks not only to improve your corporation’s strategies, the consulting firm also wants to improve your overall capabilities.

Improved Strategies

Higher performance business portfolios: Galt and Company will work with you to define the economically attractive markets where your business can take advantage and achieve profitable growth. This includes redirecting resources, fixing or disinvesting from value-consuming businesses, as well as targeting and integrating value acquisitions.

More profitable business models: Galt & Company offers a more profitable business model that focuses on gaining a share of economically profitable market segments. This is done by differentiating the product or service offered for profitable customers, pricing to create customer and shareholder value, as well as configuring the supply chain and commercial operations so that they can be most effective and efficient when it comes to supplying attractive customer markets.

More effective execution: Working with Galt and Company will lead to more effective execution by translating strategic decisions into specific action plans, performance commitments, and resource requirements. This also establishes a more disciplined performance monitoring and management system.

Improved Capabilities

Sharpened governance conditions, decisions, standards, and incentives: Galt & Company improved the capabilities of corporations by aligning their corporate and business units with their performance targets and shareholder improvement goals. Galt and Company offers this kind of strategy by improving the line-of-site and quality or dialogue between top management and their business units. Galt & Company will also work to link performance incentives with those who drive shareholder value. Tightening the link between strategic resource allocation and budget decisions is also addressed by Galt & Company.

Strengthened understanding and commitment: Galt and Company is able to strengthen a corporation’s understanding and commitment by improving their understanding of the sources and drivers or shareholder value across the particular organization. This also includes building commitment to the behaviors and actions required for success, as well as improving the quality and content of investor communications.

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